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Welcome To The Bitchery

I love Debra Messing but this show isn't that good at all. Actually this review I found will do a better job then I will. Let me just state I suspect the writers said "Lets take Dr Tempe Brennan of Bones and do the reverse". Laura is sloppy (car is a mess), she is chummy with coworkers, she slurps soup (yes slurps) over a dead body being autopsied.

I suspected her sons heads would twist around and they would speak Aramiac claiming they were demons. They were. Cheap laughs like the autopsy and when the son said they had cough syrup for diner. I also didn't like how her exhusband got to be her boss when she was qualified. Her husband is a jeerrk. This article explores it more and better written. Mine is more superficial. art


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