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Let's talk about it. I have thoughts, as I'm sure you do, too. (spoilers)

1. The Kiss—hooray there's a bi lead character on a CW show, but let's just hang on a second. Clarke is something like 10 days removed from killing her ex-boyfriend to save him from being tortured by Lexa, who is crushing on Clarke now. I guess Clarke doesn't hold grudges anymore. Apparently enough has happened since she ended her friendship with her childhood best friend because she believed he set things in motion for her father to be killed. She forgave him for it eventually, but it took a long time. Is this a character growth thing? Or is this just a short-sighted-writers thing? Or is this exclusively fan service? Fans suggested it, so now they're running with it, sort of thing. From sometime midseason 1, I called no definitive Bellarke happenings until the middle of season 3, so I'm curious to see where this Clexa thing goes.


2. Raven continues her awesome streak—Is she using Wick? Maybe, but he actually cares about her, unlike Bellamy. She actually cares about Wick, too, even if she's not ready to admit it. This will be a fun one I hope they let us see, what with war coming and all.

3. Bellamy is resourceful—Glad to see, after so much time as He Who Gives Good Hugs for everyone else, that Bellamy can still take care of his business. He started the show as a fuck-up, like Sawyer from Lost. He was nervous and self-preserving, and he's grown up a lot in this short time. He sees the world bigger than himself, and has really stepped up. He had one job, and he got it done. He became John McClane, and I'm not mad.

4. How satisfying was it to watch Cage realize he now holds no cards? From the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat in 3 seconds flat.

5. "Sand. It blows."—HA! I think I love Murphy now. I don't know how it happened, but I like this ease he has about him now. Because sometimes, when you don't fit in someplace, you just have to get the hell out of there to be who you are. It reminds me of that feeling of getting out of high school and away from those people, and how great college felt by comparison. I hope he finds his college friends.


6. Indra and Octavia—I love Octavia's short-sightedness. And her surprise when Indra agrees it happened as it needed to. I love that somebody has studied war strategy and tactics!

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