I am sure you all played the game of watching a show and say “they should be a couple”. Anyone recall the first characters in a show you thought “they should be a couple”.

My earliest as I recall.were in the 70s.grade school. These were shows in syndication at the time.

1. Greg and Marcia they had far more in common then any of their dates. They got to know each other as teens and when they started dating. Plus they were stepsiblings not biological. Plus they were both annoying. Brady Bunch show.

Actually if I rebooted the show I would have them attracted to each other and dating. I figure in real life this probably happens with blended families. I would have Carole and Mike unsure and uneasy but Alice being the one totally supporting Marcia and Greg yet helping Marcia and Greg understand what their parents are going through. Alice also supporting what Carole and Mike are going through but helping them see it through Marcia and Gregs eyes along with telling them no matter what they still need your love and support.

Alice was just awesome. My reboot would not change it.

2. Shaggy and Velma ok an odd couple but both outsiders in many ways in life in general. From Scooby Doo.


My reboot it would imply they are a couple but essentially pals.

3. Gilligan and MaryAnn oh who in grade school did not love MaryAnn.

If I rebooted the show. Since they are both sexually shy innocents they would become pals then playfully awkward and love each other but never say it. Everyone would notice they were basically a couple but too nervous to build on it and then help them build on it. I would have them go as far as saying they loved each other but there lies the danger. If they had sex that would chip away at their innocence which is the characters appeal. Yet not having sex would.not make much sense. The balance would be tough. I think I would go with them saying they love each other but want to remain as pals while on the island, at least have them say that to their fellow castways. Then have it being a running line on the show “MaryAnn and Gillligan are gone for a long time you don’t think” then cut away to MaryAnn and Gilligan stuck somewhere because of Gilligan’s fouling things up but every once in a while not cut away.. This way audience can think their own plots.


Your turn who were your first shippers.