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Who Wins When You Fight Fyre With Fyre? Weeee dooooo!

Guys. Start popping corn.

As covered on The Muse yesterday, Netflix releases their doc, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, this Friday, January 18.

But what did I do last night to kill time? *Oprah voice* I watched Hulu’s Fyre Fraud!


Yes, my fellow devotees, there are TWO docs about this glorious disaster.

The Hulu doc is pretty damn entertaining and Billy McFarland himself participates. Because... I guess he has a terrible lawyer or the allure of telling his own, jumbled, side of the story was too much? He is everything you would expect of a fast talking frat bro who’s all bravado about how awesome his ideas are... until you call him on his bullshit.

Ja Rule declined to participate, but there’s footage aplenty of him and excellent use of this Dave Chappelle bit. Depending on who he’s talked to, he takes zero blame or wants all the credit for the “idea”. *eye roll*

[Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy Time: There’s a scene where McFarland is basically asked how much Ja Rule had to do with Fyre and, while even other participants agree that he didn’t *do* anything but party and be seen, McFarland suddenly can’t talk and then stutters out that the blame is all on himself. I dunno. He sounded very scared. Like, maybe a certain former convicted felon made it clear that there was no way he was going back in and reminded Billy what happens to snitches. Not that anyone implicates Ja in the wire fraud that McFarland actually landed in prison for but I’m just saying, it’s a very awkward moment. Okay. I now return you to your normally scheduled schadenfreude fest.]


The psychologist they bring on to talk about con men is brief but brilliant. Nail. Head.

One of the social media svengalis is also on the record talking about the media push and how he tried to handle the backlash. My fave anecdote from his piece: “I even had to block ‘festival’. And then I had to do it in all caps b/c (forgot other dude’s name, not Billy) didn’t believe me that it wasn’t case sensitive.” I’m *fingers crossed* hoping that his former colleagues at FuckJerry Media (yeah, that’s a real, honest to god company run by exactly the kind of guys you would expect to name their company “Fuck Jerry”; poor Jerry) participate in the Netflix version b/c, wow, hearing about this shitshow from just one of the people hired to make it go viral was hilarious enough, I can only imagine if they other three (four?) give their take.


And, yes, that is Jezebel alum Jia Tolentino herself, giving excellent commentary on “influencers” and social media throughout.

For those who can’t get enough, I highly recommend Fyre Fraud for instant gratification and to hear from the man himself, along with a chorus of experts and insiders who provide clear insight as to how it was always gonna be a dumpster fyre.



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