Actually, in the three biopics.

1. The major motion picture that gets nominated for all the Academy Awards and breaks all the box office records, that is probably directed by Martin Scorsese or whoever.

2. The indie flick that nobody saw unless they happened to be attending a film festival, but all the hipster film bloggers raved about, and it gets a modest cult following once it's released on DVD/Blu Ray and Netflix.

3. The embarrassing TV movie.

Remember that whilst actors get accolades for wearing prosthetics or undergoing body modification FOR THEIR ART, exact physical resemblance is not always a prerequisite for an actor getting to play a Real Life Person.


The biopic can be set during any point of your life, it doesn't have to be about your life now.

Here are my answers:

1. Sandra Oh

2. Margaret Cho

3. The actress who played Claudia Kishi in the Babysitters Club Movie from the 90s, trying to make a comeback.


Which three lucky actors will get to play you?

EDIT: If there is nobody around currently who can truly capture the poignant and epic perfection that is you, then actors from any past era may be cast.