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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Who woulda thought this combo would work, a genius would

We went to my favorite grocery store. The sample woman had three all involving feta cheese. one was feta with lettuce in tiny cup, feta spread on bread, the third. The third was a genIus level combo.

A combo I never would have thought possible. She took a tiny pizza with nothing on top. She put feta cheese and this is where I would have gone ugh if told about it first. She put caramalized figs. Now plain figs, ugh, ugh, ugh. Fig Newtons yum I love Fig Newtons. Caramalized figs well that came in a jar. What an interesting combk She put it on the pizza and heated it up. The sample was bite size but god was it good.

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I got a 16 ounce chocolate 1 percent milk and a 1/4th of a 19 inch cheese pizza which I had in their cafeteria. I wanted pepperoni slice but sadly they were out or I could have waited twenty five minutes. My mother not sure what she bought but I did notice the tub of whipped cream. I have a bowl of fruit each morning with a spoonful of pudding mixed in along with whipped cream on top. . Along with either toast or a pastry or cereal.

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