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Everyone seems super on edge because of last night's drama. So I thought maybe we could do something fun!

Let's do 5 random facts that most GT'ers probably don't know about you. Maybe we have more in common than just being bra burning feminists! ;)

1. I am a huge car person. I love vintage BMW's and Alfa Romeo's. I go to a lot of car shows in the Chicago area. I daily a 1991 Soarer, and we also have a MKIII Supra, and my boyfriend daily's a Miata! If you like cars too and have a Tumblr, let's follow eachother!


2. Ya'll have probably noticed this, but I have a huge makeup obsession! Like, I am addicted to Ulta, sometimes if I'm bored I'll just go to Ulta and look around.

3. I love, love astronomy. There is seriously nothing cooler than space, people. I have an entire separate Tumblr dedicated to space.

4. I've lived on my own since I was 17! My teenage years were kind of rough. My parents were both alcoholics and my mother was abusive. Now that I've been out of state for a few years I've forgiven my parents and love them both very much.

5. I went to school for Digital Media! I'm also a traditional artist. I have billions of stupid drawings, and tons of sketchbooks strewn about my apartment.


What about you!?

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