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Whoa, Hey Guys! Good Morning!

Couple of things. First off, good morning! It's morning to me. I came home after my class today and passed the fuck out and just woke up. I tried so hard to stay awake so this wouldn't happen, but of course I did the "I'll just lie down for a minute..." thing and that was it. Pulling all-nighters is getting rough in my old age.

As for my post last night, turns out that there is a final paper! It's a 10-12 page research paper, and it's not due til the 18th anyway! So I'm not late with it! Thank god. I got so nervous for a minute. So now I have a full week to get it done which is good. I still have another five page to do which is already late, but my professor will still take it, and a quiz and a final for Biology. Almost done...almost done. The two papers need to be in by Wednesday, my quiz is online on Thursday the 19th and the final is Friday the 20th. *Takes deep breath*

Also, as was pointed out to me yesterday (today? All the days are blending together), I see that I haven't been responding to everyone's comments on all of my posts. I'm sorry everyone! I wasn't ignoring you all intentionally. I've been pretty consumed by schoolwork for the past few days, and basically any time I'd take a break I would throw up a GT post, have a cigarette, go through the initial surge of comments, then go back to schoolwork. I didn't even realize how many I didn't get to yet. I'm gonna go back through all of my posts soon and respond to everyone, I promise! You guys are awesome, I'm just a mess.


I didn't get a chance to call my school's counseling office yet. *Sigh. I meant to, I've just been so busy. I'm going to call tomorrow and see when I can get an appointment.

I pretty much just wanted to update all of you guys. I'm only gonna stick around here for about an hour or two for now and then go back to sleep. I'm still exhausted and I have work from 2-11 pm tomorrow. I'm not even doing anymore schoolwork tonight, my mind is shot, so I'll just get work done during my shift and over the weekend. I'm going to try to not wait til Tuesday night to start my final paper, so we'll see how that goes.

I'm gonna go back to painting my nails now and go chug some water as I'm insanely thirsty all of a sudden. Might be due to the like 5 cups of coffee I had between last night and this morning. Whelp.

I LOVE YOU GUYS. I'll get through all the comments on my previous posts by the end of the weekend, promise! You all wrote a ton of great things. I did read through most of them, just didn't get a chance to respond. I was too busy making Punnett squares for flower genotypes and writing a paper on feminism in The Praise of Folly. Good times, good times.

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