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Whoa Mainpage!

So, I had no idea my pug gifs post got mainpaged until just now. I was looking at a few notifications and realized that I had over 13,000 hits. Hmm. Weird. My thought literally was, "Well, I guess a lot of GTers like pugs?" (Yeah, I was distracted and sleep deprived this morning...) Then I went over to the mainpage this evening. And the pugs are on the mainpage.

WHAT IS THIS? I really don't know why they were mainpage-worthy, but I am kinda weirdly proud that my five-minute post got up there.

Suddenly the non-GT commenters makes more sense, but really, mainpaging pug gifs? Thanks, Laura Beck!


GT-ers, if you have been mainpaged, what was the weirdest thing that got you there?

ETA: Does this mean I can ask to be un-greyed there now?

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