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Whoever asked me about okcupid in France...

Edit: Nevermind, I found the question, but the original post is still deleted, so I can't reply there.

I'm curious how you managed living in France for the first five months. Were you meeting guys living in France, or did you keep it to only talking/meeting guys online with the knowledge that you'd be in their geographic location in a few months? I ask because I'm going abroad for the next four months and don't know if I should even keep the profile open during that time.


The answer is both. I signed up for OKC when I was in France as a way to meet new people there. I ended up meeting up with three guys while I was there, one of them on multiple occasions. I also started talking to this one guy back in the States, who lived near my hometown. I actually feel kind of guilty that I stopped messaging him, because I ended up meeting Beau Vierge. I had intended on meeting that guy in person, and it just never happened. Had I made a different internship choice, I'm fairly certain we would have dated for at least awhile, because he shares many characteristics including interests and career with my fiancé.

Details on each guy can be found here, here, and here.

If anyone else wants to ask about my experiences using okcupid in France, that's totally cool too. I just know that one person out there had a question.

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