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Whole lotta feelings--OITNB spoilers

Discussion post for peeps who have finished the whole new season! Poussey gif just bc. I tried with the formatting but wtfkinjaaaaa so, meh.




This season felt allllll over the place to me. I felt like I kept seeing little things start up and then go nowhere—there wasn’t as much of an overall arc as the last season, which has its perks since we got good things like Chang’s completely awesome backstory (I would like a whole show about Chang now, plz thx), but sometimes I felt bored wondering where a scene was going. That last scene where everyone is playing in the water? Was about five hours too long. I skipped most of the Red-and-Healy scenes, too. I cannot handle that shit.


I am excited about the stuff hinted at for next season though! I mean, the prison being twice as crowded, the corporate bullshit, and union issues...ehhh Idk about that, but this pseudo-Martha Stewart character? Hell yeah!

I can’t even pretend to be interested in the Australian girl, although I enjoy hearing her talk and she has cool hair. Piper was particularly selfish, entitled, and awful this season—I never really hated her before (I can’t help sympathizing with protagonists) but this season she was just next level awful. I liked her panty selling idea and I approve of the revenge she got at the very end, but in general she was just absolutely insufferable.

I LOVED Suzanne’s timehumping fic—I want to read that shit now! And also everything about Poussey, who is the greatest ever. I also loved Norma’s backstory and her little cult that forms.


But Pennsatucky. Oh my god, Pennsatucky. That was just absolutely gut wrenching. The look on her face! I have seen other commenters talk about how they appreciate that these rapes weren’t sexualized, and I agree. And I think there is something real-feeling about the conclusion to that story arc, too. The way Boo and Pennsatucky plan this perfect revenge, but then Tucky can’t go through with it because she’s just...sad, and she doesn’t want to become a rapist. I wanted soooooo badly to see a perfect revenge fantasy happen, something cathartic, but when it came down to it I felt like their reactions were probably more realistic. Her “seizure”-induced car crash did the trick as far as getting her out of Dodge, but then the looks on their faces when they saw that Maritza is the new driver...I REALLY hope that doughnut-boy gets caught and locked up next season.

What do you think will happen next? Is Alex getting murdered? Will Piper finally start to feel bad for making fun of her this whole time, when her fear was completely reasonable? Will the panty business crumble under Piper’s shitty leadership, or will she actually become the Godfather? Will all the sad mama and baby subplots stop making me feel all sad all the time?


Post your thoughts and feelings!

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