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I just had a very detailed dream about going to a GT meetup.

This was while taking a day-long nap, my second in two days, trying to recover from a solid week of sitting around a hospital room. My naps tend to bring me crazier dreams than my regular sleep, for whatever reason.

For the curious: the meetup was held in a small town on the border of Illinois and New Jersey, first at a bar with outdoor seating at long tables and then moving to a nearby hotel restaurant/bar. I rolled up pretty well simultaneously with another GT'er. As we walked in, I wondered aloud as to whether we would use our screen names or our RL names.


We bellied up in a mob, eager for drinks, but I got a terrible barkeep, a scruffy blonde guy whose attempts at banter failed because I could not understand his mumbling. It took him 20 minutes of incompetence to get me the wrong beer (another goddamned IPA) and the snack menu before vanishing.

I ended up ranting to another barkeep (who looked a lot like Victoria Hand in Agents of Shield) and, after offering a pro-forma defense of her colleague, she refilled my pint unbidden and took my snack order.

Then the dogs woke me up.

I have never actually made it to a GT meet-up. Are they anything like this?

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