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Whoopi Goldberg on Bieber's N-Word Use

While I am Canadian, I'm not Black so I'm going to hold back my comments other than to say YES CANADIANS SEE THE N-WORD AS PROBLEMATIC. It's true that Canada's history of civil rights went a bit smoother than that of our neighbours to the south. However, racism is very much alive in Canada and the n-word is still loaded with prejudice, bigotry and hate when used in the wrong context. And this is just towards Black people... First Nations and Aboriginal discrimination is a whole 'nother ball game.

Of course we have some fuckheads, as any region does, but the vast majority of Canadians would never use the n-word outside certain reasonable contexts. Which isn't to say that we don't have racism issues, just that people know the n-word is bad.


Goldberg's co-host and fellow Women of Colour Sherri Sheppard replied smartly "what does it mean in Canada? Groceries?"

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