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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Who's going to Vegas this week? - Psssst, fellow librarians, or, um anybody else

On Thursday I'm headed to the American Library Association's annual conference in Las Vegas. I have some librarian friends who are also attending and I'm sure I can find all sorts of troublesome things to get into, but if you're going to be there for the conference, or because you live there, or because why not, and you want to get a drink with somebody who speaks in run-on sentences, let's connect! Also, I haven't been to Las Vegas in 10 years and I know that it has changed a lot. What should I do? What do I have to see?? I'll be attending different sessions (and all the free meals that I can find) during the day from Saturday through Tuesday afternoon, but I haven't committed to any evening stuff yet. The only firm plan I have is to go to the minor league baseball team's game on Monday night, because they're the Mets' farm team and I am somehow still a Mets fan.


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