Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Who's got the BOOKS!?

What up Lads and Ladettes? It's officially summer! Yay! That's right kids- it's time for a summer reading thread. I have a ton of amazeballs books That I have read (and in some cases- re-read) but I want to know what's on you nightstand? What's beside your commode, and in your bag- booky wooky time!


Now- for the ones I'm sort of loving now:The Gone Away World,( Nick Harkaway). It's got EVERYTHING! Ninjas, mimes, a a scathing commentary on Fox News! World War Z, (Max Brooks). If you haven't read it yet- do yourself a favor and do. I'm re-reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell(Susanna Clark) which has such an amazingly cool notion for a book, and Horns(Joe Hill) because DanRad is about to play Ig Perrish this year.

So Let's have at it- Books! Books! Books!

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