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Welcome To The Bitchery

This article is really long, as a warning. But it completely matches my experiences on NextDoor here in DC as well. I live in a mostly black neighborhood, and it seems NextDoor is where the white people gather to bitch about everything and everyone else. I’ve never seen any of my black or long-time neighbors on there, so it seems to be the more recent — white — homeowners.

While it is used to share information about community meetings and block parties, which is great, there is definitely an undercurrent of fear on that site. My kind-of racist roommate love it and was simultaneously terrified by every crime alert, even if it was miles away.


What do you guys think? Are these prejudices inevitable on these kinds of sites? What can be done to mediate between the racists and the so-called “PC Police” to improve the relationships and make neighborhoods safe for everyone, not just the scared white community? Does safety even exist anymore?

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