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Who's sick of talking about the last episode of Game of Thrones?

Not fucking me. But what I am sick of is hearing people moaning about how they are "done with" the show because last night's episode was so brutal. Are you sad and shocked and have no idea whats going to happen next? Good. Mission accomplished, me too.

There is a lot of digital ink being spent writing about how this episode crossed the line, like this pantshitter on Mediaite. A lot of people are making this out to be more horrible than in the books, which is absolutely not fucking true. For those of you who have not read the books, here is how the Red Wedding goes down (Spoilers I guess?):

In attendance are many more beloved characters. Great Jon Umber (remember the big jolly guy that lost his fingers "cutting the king's meat"?) and Jorah's sisters from Bear Island (arguably some of the cooler women in the books) are with the Starks for the feast. Talisa is not present, as she does not exist in the books. Everything goes as it did in on the show (though the huge band was noticeably crappy) until the crossbow bolts start flying. All these characters that we have grown to love are being cruelly killed and are unable to give much of a fight. Robb has been shot at least three times and is struggling to stand. In her desperation, Cat grabs Lord Frey's mentally retarded jester son Jingle Bell, holds a dagger to his throat, and begs for her son to be let walk away. Jingle Bell promptly shits himself. Instead of being freed, some Frey goon casually sticks a spear through the back of Robb's neck. Catelyn cuts Jingle Bell's throat and lets out a primal scream. She is so horrified she drags her fingernails like claws across her own face, rending deep wounds from her eyes across her cheeks. Another Frey goon unceremoniously drags a knife across her neck and kills her. Robb's head is cut off and they sew Gray Wind's head to his shoulders. The Freys place a crown on its head and parade their patchwork body around town. Catelyn's naked body is dumped in the river.


It was fucking horrible, but if you think the show was having a "girlfriend in the fridge" moment I can let you know that the show is still pulling its punches. It could be a whole lot worse. And I still fucking love it. The Red Wedding is a earth shattering event in Westeros and the events that happen next, to me, are more interesting than what happened before. Hang in there. If you can't, Game of Thrones didn't like you that much anyways.

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