Hello children.

So, you know how sometimes you get a bug up your butt about something (someone), and then you try to explain what it is about it (them) that is so ... butt buggy, but you can't, so then you make really long sentences about it and wonder if it is actually YOU that is the problem?

Good. It's not just me then.

Anyway, nine year old is off to Cub Scout camp this afternoon. Which she is super duper pumped about. It's a once-in-three-years whole state thang, with about 699 other cubs, for three days. There will be Setting Fire to Things, and the Making of Other Things from Popsicle Sticks, and Balance Beam, Flying Fox, Obstacle Course, Water Fight and Abseiling Things going on. As the theme is circus-related, I suspect there might be trapeze and high wires and some sort of show involved too.

*when I win the kazillion dollars in the lottery, I shall rent this place out and all GTers are invited to GT camp there for a weekend of all those things plus alcohol minus the 700 children. Pack bug spray.

Anyway, this magical place is about 1.5+ hours away from us, and with all those kids to drop off down the narrow dirt road leading to it, as you can imagine there is a bit of a traffic policy. I talked to nine year old, and as we can only drop-and-go (no going into camp for goodbyes), she is fine to carpool down with a couple of her cub scout friends. I think there's three others going down with her.

So I was arranging this with the other mums, and the one taking them is the one I am (soon my pretties, soon) asking a question about. As we were talking about the camp, I asked how much money she was giving her kid for the tuckshop. She said about $5. I said that I was giving her a little more ($5 a day more or less, as I figured most things are going to be at least a couple of dollars), and that I thought it a bit of a shame that they weren't allowed to take any junk food with them as it is much cheaper to buy at the supermarket beforehand. She agreed, and said she had been planning on giving him a couple of chocolate bars in case he got hungry. I said I was thinking more along the lines of a packet of something to share at a midnight feast type of deal. She looked at me with a frown and said "Oh, I'm not going to feed other people's children."


I'm not going to feed other people's children. Because clearly I was planning on packing enough to feed 700 children for a weekend (note: nine year old is not the Messiah, and was not going to be turning the water into wine(gums) and a single (chocolate)fish into a feast for the masses). And clearly, a midnight feast is a horrible idea that would never fly with nine year olds.

Now, today, I was checking with her about dinner tonight (cubs expected between 6-7.30, leaving at 5, we have to feed them beforehand). Was she going to stop and get dinner on the way? No. Nope. She is feeding her boy dinner beforehand then packing healthy snacks for the drive.

First, that means nine year old needs dinner about 4 for me to get her to her ride in time. We usually have dinner about 7-8, but ok, we can roll with that. I'll just make something for her then actual 'dinner' for the rest of us later.


Second, the healthy snacks part. What? Is this a dig at me for my midnight snack talk? Why not just say 'snacks'?

The whole thing just seems a little ... blurgh to me. These are kids, going on what is meant to be something really fun (I should note here she told me a few weeks ago that she signed him up for this even though he didn't want to go as "He will have fun once he gets there. I always have to or he'd never do anything") and celebratory. Nine year is getting to go because she worked really hard at school, and it is a reward.

I'm not saying candy or chips are vital to celebrations, and I do feed the spawn a rough approximation of a balanced diet, so it's not that I don't know how to give her healthy snacks. It just seems so killjoy-esque to be like that about sharing, and to specify healthy snacks for the ride.


Anyhoodles, writing this out I see that it is likely that I am the dick (sorrynotsorry), but I've got this far, so I may as well put it out there. Which of us is it?

Edit: forgot to mention GT Camp will be taking place in Australia, so you will need to be down with most of nature trying to kill you. Sign ups will commence as soon that golden ticket comes in.

Edit edit: The results are in, and clearly SHE is the dick, whereas I am perfection.


Edit edit edit: Just got back from dropping her off and 1) I sent her with an apple and some crackers - TO SHARE dammit, and b) She left her jersey here and when I rang to see how far they had got (yes, I was considering an intercept, but they'd only left 20 minutes ago), the mum informed me she had gotten miles and miles away and she had packed a spare jersey for her son that nine year old could borrow.

I bet she bloody handmade it too (just kidneys, it is very nice of them to give nine year old this for the weekend so she doesn't freeze/have to walk around in a sleeping bag).