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Setup: At the fleamarket today two delaers were selling dvds they each had one we wanted. My mother wanted a dvd for a dollar but when we opened it to exam it the dvd had scratches.

The second dealer had a dvd I wanted. It was a TCM 4 Movie pack that had Mr and Mrs McGabe with Warren Beatty which I always wanted to see. It also had Jeremiah Johnson with Robert Redford which I also wanted to see but not as badly. Well won’t ya know both dvds had scratches. It had two movies on each dvd.

Both dealers had less then two dozen dvds.

I believe: Yes you must always check. The tiniest scratches have caused films to freeze too many times. I believe if its less then 50 dvds the dealer too must check for scratches and not sell them if they do.


My mother believes: For a dollar each we should not expect a dealer to go through their dvds one by one looking for scratches. That dealers buy in bulk (some do but not the ones setting up for the day that’s their own personal dvds) and should not be expected to go through everyone. She believes its solely up to the buyer to check. For more then a dollar she agrees with me.

I believe: Cost should play no part and its professional for the dealer to examine each one. I agree its unreasonable if its more then 50 dvds.

Who is right?

Do not get me started on sun bleached dvd cases. Have those on your table and to quote Dionne Warwick I Walk On By. They need to toss the cases and put each dvd in a dvd envelope and sell them for no more then 3 for a dollar. Still check for scratches. Same with sun bleached books or cds.


I did buy a scratch free dvd Jersey Boys. I hate Eastwood’s politics but I grew up watching his films and he is an excellent director. I kinda have a soft spot. Unforgiven is my fav western after Butch and Sundance. That reminds me I bought an Eastwood set a few weeks ago for a dollar just for The Beguiled which I wanted to see. That needs to go up in the queu. Next film we watch is Jersey Boys then The Sting which I also bought when I bought the Eastwood set. I never saw the remake of The Beguiled. I hope original is good. I saw The Sting as a wee child at the theater with my grandmother and she always loved it and that was my last viewing of it.

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