Is pretty good, although I recommend it without the red pepper. (credit to YOUGUISE for new title)

1. Bake eggplant in oven 1 hr at 400 degrees. Turn once in a while.

2. Let cool. Peel off skin, and mash with hands.

3. Chop 3/4 red onion, 1.5 Roma tomatoes, some ginger, 1 red bell pepper (not shown because I forgot).


4. On medium heat, add bay leaf, 1 dried red chili, 1 baby spoon mustard seed. It should get bubbly.


5. Add ginger and tomatoes, saute until it becomes a lumpy paste.

5. Add onions, bell peppers, turmeric, salt and saute.


6. Fold in eggplant, add a little more turmeric and some ground cumin maybe, and maybe a little salt?


7. ALL DONE. Maybe top with cilantro tomorrow.

lazy variation:

bake eggplant and mash. mix in chopped red onions. top with coriander, and serve with rice and lime juice/salt.