WHY THE FUCK is Spicer getting all this media attention? WHY? Lying liar is STILL lying & spinning for this illegitimate regime & now he’s doing it on NPR. Oh, and it’s a doozy of obfuscation, revisionist history and oh, yea...LIES!

Oh, he has a new “book” you say? Oh, he’s been shopping a morning show? SO FUCKING WHAT! This does NOT mean it’s news, nor does it mean networks have to BOOK HIM AS A GUEST! I am so fucking disgusted that even now, with all that we know, these fuckers are still being given a platform to spew their wretched lies & hypocrisy.

This is what is true: You can be a willing member of the most treasonous, corrupt, dangerous presidency in American history, and you will be fine. You will pay no price; there will be no consequences. You’ll be given a book deal, speaking fees, a cushy job & free airtime. It’s fucking disgusting.