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Why all should read End of The Dream by Phil Wylie

Seriously all should. It was his last novel published circa 1970. It takes place around the late 1990s. The narrator, a man is in charge of a community, one of the last spots safe for humanity. The book chronicles how humanity destroyed nature thus destroying himself. The narrator is put in charge of chronicling our destruction. He uses articles written between 1970 and when the end came. Some articles are from the late 70s and 80s from antienvironmentalists, some are transcripts from shows. The narrator also includes his own experiences. He discusses how businesses were protected from not just government but also the military. A lot that he wrote has come close to happening. The large amount dog food that was poisoned due to sloppy business practices (but in China not in the US). The fracking would fall right in line with what he wrote about. The rivers that are polluted and the effect on animals. Etc. It is an incredible novel and short. The novel also talks about changing weather patterns due to our own doings, fierce lightning storms. Considering its from 1970 its very prophetic. Wylie does go to the extreme but the points are clear.


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