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It's really odd and random.

From childhood to the age of 18, I would drink soda here and there. I preferred water or iced tea but I would drink soda every once in a while as I didn't really like it too much. In college I pretty much stopped drinking it, and eventually I got to a point where I hated it. While I was dating my ex, I never drank it because he didn't either. Now for some reason I'm finding myself not only drinking it but actually craving it, specifically cola.

I have no idea why. My first thought was it's maybe a habit I'm picking up from Consort, as he drinks soda semi-regularly (on the opposite end, he's picking up my water drinking habit) but I don't think we spend nearly enough time together for it to be an influence on me. Perhaps it started when we started dating and I would take sips of his drinks here and there, and it would usually be Coke or Pepsi.


There is soda in my house, but there's always been soda in my house as my mom drinks it. She drinks that shit pretty much every day and it's never affected me or made me want it (with the exception of every once in a while when I have my period).

So I'm drinking about 1/2-1 can of Pepsi, Coke or the diet version of either once every week or two. I know that doesn't seem like a lot but for me it is. And I really do get actual cravings for it. I'm not all too concerned about it affecting my health in any way as I'm really not drinking it a lot at all, but I'm more curious as to why all of a sudden I'm craving and drinking this stuff for the first time in like 5 years.

Any thoughts? Should I be concerned with my blood sugar or something? Or are my tastes just changing as I get older? As long as my health is fine and not being affected I'll just keep on with my 1 can of Diet Coke every two weeks.

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