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Why am I friends with these people again?

I live in an all girls flat, but spend most of my time hanging out at an all boys flat. I also do a course which is predominantly male. Basically, the majority of my social interactions are with young adult males in their first year of university, and I'm used to being the only girl around a lot of the time. As you can imagine there's a fair amount of dumb shit uttered, and most of the time I just deal with any stupid 'joke' with an incredulous look, or a loud 'THAT IS NOT OK', and even this has been enough to make me the 'angry feminist' one*.

But the other day one of my friends piped up with "Y'know in nazi germany they tried to cure homosexuality by forcing gay men to sleep with prostitutes", and then they all started laughing. Now, generally I don't think of myself as particularly naive, but it seriously took me a few seconds to figure out the joke. Turns out it was funny because of the idea that they, as straight guys, could have pretended to be gay. To get sex. From prostitutes.


Wow, you guise. Just wow.

I think I'm almost impressed by the number of ways in which that's offensive.

Really though, it kind of bummed me out. Normally I call it out, then shrug it off - I know this isn't necessarily the best thing, and that it comes from a place of privilege being able to do that at all, but I don't have the energy to stand up to all of it - but I didn't have the heart to even point out how horrible this was. I hope they'll grow out of it sooner rather than later.


*During a conversation in which we were discussing who would make the best prime minister my flat mate declared 'Well I wouldn't vote for FuckFox, she'd just make laws about feminism and stuff'

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