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Why are my leaves doing this? Gardening help 🍃

Hello all! I have a gardening question and I couldn’t think of a better place to ask than to you all greenthumbed wonderpeople here.

So this spring I decided to try my hand at a bit of gardening. This all came about because one of our local supermarket chains gives free sets with seeds, some soil and a tiny soil-based pots to start growing them in. Now I don’t have a garden, as such, but I do have pots. So from the starter pack I grew 12 plants, of which 8 succumbed to aphids. (it was a whole battle, trust me)


At this point I have 2 plants left: A cherry tomato plant and a beet plant. Snug in their huge potty homes. But my cherry tomato plant, which otherwise seems to be strong and flourishing, is showing some troubling signs on its leaves. What does this mean? Is my baby dying? Halp!

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Some leaves and branches seem strong and a healthy green, others are looking sickly yellowish of varying degrees and others yet have formed white or dark dry spots within the leaves like you see above. Is it not getting enough water? Too much water? Too much sun? Does it need an even bigger pot? I want to eat cherry tomatoes dammit!

PS: Clearly my former plant experience has been a christmas tree and not much else.. soo.. yeah.

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