Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Is anyone else confused by this? No one ever needed it explained that Bob Marley didn’t actually shoot the sheriff.

Of course there’s an extent to which artists pull inspiration from their personal lives. But as a writer myself, I can’t begin to explain how possible it is to draw from fact and craft it into utter fiction.


I have no doubt that Bey and Jay have experienced marital strife. I have no doubt that she deeply empathized with her mother and that quite a bit of the album processes her father’s more extreme infidelity. Or that Bey’s keen enough to recognize this struggle is not only one that much of her fan base can connect to, but also one that offers cohesive enough theme to elevate the album’s artistry level. And that Becky with the Good Hair is probably a trope and not an actual identifiable person.

Black womanhood and sisterhood is such a powerful theme running through the album that it’s incredibly reductive and missing the point to believe Bey was only talking about Bey here.

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