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Why Are Vancouver Women Colder than the Weather, Bro?

I cannot tell you how many trend pieces I've seen in this city demanding to know what the hell is wrong with Vancouver women. Even when the article is ostensibly about Vancouver men, or at the very least with the dating scene as a whole, it still winds up being about the women.

Because ultimately, you know what's wrong with the men? Oh, they have "Supermodel syndrome" because all of the ladies here are so gorgeous and if they strike out with the gorgeous ones, they're not willing to "downgrade."


Let's ignore that this concept hinges on a female attractiveness "rating scale," wherein attraction is completely objective and nobody has alternate tastes to the societal "norms."

Instead, let's focus on the fact that while such a statement is supposedly about the inflexibility of men who are spoiled for choice, it still implicates women as the cause for their inflexibility. Gosh darn these beautiful nymphs for being too darned pretty! Harpies!

That's not to say that women are exempt from the sexist profiling of "Vancouver women." What are we most guilty of? Some seriously fucked up racism. ie. "So many white guys just go for those Asian women... because you know how they are."

In case you don't "know how they are," the short hand for this is as follows:

1) Subservient.

2) Super thin.

3) Ultra-feminine.

4) Secretly slutty while pretending to be demure.

I'm not saying that some men here don't fetishize Asian women for the same reasons, but to blame your own lack of love life on some kind of horribly outdated racist stereotype is fucked up, fellow Vancouverites.


More than anything, though, Vancouver women are labelled "cold." And what does "cold" boil down to? When a nice guy asks a Vancouver girl for her number, she is allegedly less likely to give it (than any girl from any other town said guy has met, apparently — seems legit).

On a personal note, nearly every time I've been approached in Vancouver, it's been creepy as hell. The only way I can think to describe it is that Vancouver men seem to think that street harassment followed by a sincere request for someone's number is a really great tactic. It's not.


So the entire myth of the cold Vancouver woman comes down to a Nice Guy belief that being Nice means you deserve sex. And that the city's legendary social awkwardness and conspicuous lack of public space doesn't have anything to do with these women being uncomfortable with being approached in public — no, they're bitches. Bitches who should be grateful that a Nice Guy they don't know wants to sleep with them. And if they say no, man, what a bunch of cold bitches. Better write a trend piece about them in the Georgia Straight, bro!


Let me say it again very clearly: this town is notorious for its social awkwardness, its reservedness, its coldness. So why are we only blaming it on the women? It takes two to tango. And maybe, just maybe, Vancouver women would be a little less cold if Vancouver men didn't think that simply walking up to a girl in the street gives them certain inalienable rights to sex.

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