Per Rachel Maddow - Rob Porter (the WH secretary accused of domestic violence) was denied security clearance because of the violence charges. Only the President has the ability to decide to overturn the denial of security clearance - and he did so in Jared Kushner’s case. However, the WH is denying that Trump knew about Rob Porter’s security clearance denial.

One thing that is important to know is what the WH secretary does - she/he handles all the reports, forms, correspondence from others in government for the president. So, if NSA, the pentagon, etc. have reports for the president to read, it goes to the WH secretary who has access to ALL the classified info.

So this means that Rob Porter was handling highly classified information with no security clearance. That is, if reports that DJT knew nothing about it are true.

So, tell me again about Hillary’s emails? And how she allegedly was mishandling classified information?

Of note, Porter was/is apparently dating Hope Hicks who wrote the WH statement in defense of Porter. Also of note, apparently another woman was involved with him (not sure how involved or when) but had bad experiences with him and complained about him to higher ups.


Someone on Jezebel asked why we Americans weren’t out rioting in the streets 24/7. I have no good answer for that.