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Why Are We Obsessed with Red Hair?

I feel like most (white) brunettes are instructed from an early age to hate their hair color. So we put ourselves in one of two camps: those who covet blondes and those who covet redheads.

Because I'm an insufferable special snowflake, I've always been in the latter camp. But why?


When I see red hair on screen, I get this instant itch to dye my hair. Every summer I'd dump new dye all over my head when Mad Men returned. And, like most special snowflakes, Ariel is my favorite princess. Also how bad ass does Ellen Terry look here?

"But what is so damn fascinating about red hair?" she asked, while planning to run out and buy more henna.

I feel like the rarity argument is a good, but incomplete, one. Because blonde is nearly as (naturally) rare, and yet there are those of us who don't find blonde hair as fascinating as red. I suppose the better question is: why red and not blonde?


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