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Welcome To The Bitchery

Many of us will be participating in the Women’s March on Washington in DC and other cities around the country and around the world on January 21st. Those of you participating - Why do you march?

I posted this on my little blog, and copied and pasted my list here. It has left off my citations.

  • Nearly two-thirds of minimum wage workers in the United States are women ― and the minimum wage falls far short of what it takes to live above the poverty line.1 Raising the minimum wage helps women and families.
  • An estimated 66% of (parent, parent-in-law, spouse) caregivers are female.2 Trying to care for both children and aging parents while still working full-time puts tremendous mental and financial stress on caregivers.
  • In married male/female households where both spouses work, women still do double the amount of housework as men.3 According to the New Parents Project, in two-parent (male/female) households, women put in 37 hours of housework and child care each week. Men 24 hours. Both the men and women in the study continued to work the same number of full-time hours.4 This “second shift” after a full day of work outside the home, falls predominantly on women.
  • 83% of single parent households are led by women. Only 40% of these households receive the full child support payments ordered by the courts.5 Single mothers are often shamed and vilified for their situations. Where is the outrage at the men who abandon their responsibilities to their children?
  • According to the CDC and Census data, for the first three months of 2016 the uninsured rate was 8.6% down from 15.7% before the Affordable Care Act was signed into law.6 The repeal of the ACA, without a replacement, puts millions of Americans at risk. Those with pre-existing conditions and those who are at risk of exceeding their yearly/lifetime limits are most likely to be dropped from their plans. Without subsidies, many will not be able to afford any insurance.
  • Approximately 36% of the US population is white male. Yet 80% of Congress is male. Over 80% of Congress is white.7
  • We have never had a female President, Vice President, or Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  • Equal work deserves equal pay.
  • Grabbing women by the pussy against their will is not locker room talk. It is sexual assault.
  • We should not have to teach women to protect themselves against sexual assault. Women are told their assaults are the fault of how they dress, where they were, if they drank alcohol, if they gave a sign they were interest in the man and changed their minds, if they rejected the man to strongly, if they were alone in public, if, if if… We teach women to carry their keys, to carry mace, to take self-defense classes, to only travel in groups, to not dress “provocatively”, to smile, to be polite. How about we teach men not to rape. The fault is NOT with the victim. Women should have the freedom to walk, travel, work, and live without the fear of sexual violence by men.
  • Women are still fighting for autonomy over their own bodies.
  • Being educated, being an expert in a field, is a GOOD thing, not something to be ridiculed and ignored.
  • Being literate in more than one language is a GOOD thing.
  • Science and facts are real.
  • Climate change is real.
  • Freedom of religion includes ALL religions.
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • Trans women, you can pee next to me.
  • I’ve never had a LBGTQ person touch me inappropriately or make me uncomfortable with unwanted advances. I’ve had several cis-male men do so.
  • Don’t tell me you are “Pro Life” and “Pro Family” unless you are pro: quality public education, affordable child care, affordable health care, equal pay, parental leave. If you are against these things, you are “Pro Fetus” and “Pro Shaming Women for Having Children in a Way You Personally Disapprove of”.
  • 69% of Americans do NOT want to see Roe V Wade overturned.8
  • Lowering taxes for the 1% while cutting social supports for the poor and middle class (and raising their taxes) is unacceptable, unAmerican, self-serving, and greedy.
  • I am tired of being told, “If you don’t like it, leave.” No. I am an American citizen, and it is my right and duty to oppose and campaign against policies that I believe are against the best interest of my country.
  • Words matter. Facts matter. PEOPLE matter.
  • Being direct, assertive, and demonstrating authority on a topic or situation are “leadership skills” for men, “being a bitch” for women.
  • My menstrual cycle does not inhibit my mental or intellectual ability. It does feel like someone is scraping out my insides with a spoon, but yet I go to work every day and get my job done.
  • I can change a tire, use power tools, lift weights, travel solo, and still like to wear a pretty dress and make up.
  • Our government needs a shake up. A real one. We THE PEOPLE need to demand an end to gerrymandered districts that ensure re-election for a particular political party without requiring the elected official to actually accomplish anything for their constituents. Truly competitive districts would require candidates to actually perform.
  • I’ve yet to see a tweet from the President-Elect stating he and his family are relocating all their businesses’ overseas production jobs to the US.
  • Federal regulations on workplace safety and workers’ rights, on the environment – including water and air quality, on food safety, on pharmaceuticals protect us all. I don’t want a return to The Jungle.
  • The income gap in our country continues to grow. The rich get richer…. the wealthiest 160,000 families have as much as the poorest 145 million families. Thinking that a person who lives in a literal gold-lined penthouse is going to tackle this issue and help the working class is absurd. The opening salvo of the Republican controlled Congress doesn’t bode well for the working class either.

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