Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I gave a presentation today, and the room was dead. It was a small group - and I hate presenting to small groups. I also wasn’t super prepared - I thought I could wing it and I should have been better prepared. But for chrissakes- when someone is trying to teach you things, is it too much to ask that you (I’m speaking to a fictional audience here, not all ya’ll lovely GTers) make eye contact, nod your head, respond when I ask questions, and pretend to be engaged and interested?

Everyone has had to speak to a group at one point - doesn’t everyone know how much better it is when the audience works with you? Why don’t people have empathy for the speaker and try to interact?


I’m always the one nodding and smiling and participating because I know how much it sucks when no one does. As a result, I often then get kind of uncomfortably intense eye contact from the presenter because I am the only one doing so (like today, a talk I went to by a very cute queer prof - super intense eye contact that I am 99% certain wasn’t because she thought I was cute).

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