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Why Beyonce Only Allowing Pre-Approved Pics Is Sort of NOT OK.

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We all know by now that the lovely Mrs. Carter has banned photogs from her concert tour, eliminating "photo creditionals" altogether.


I don't care that Beyonce has her own photographer releasing pictures to the press of her performances. I don't really give a shit.

I care and am kinda freaked out by this:AP Images. That is a news wire service. One that is allowing a public figure to essentially control 100 percent of the visual imagery delivered as part of a "news" item and basically allowing them to say "These are the only images of this event you are allowed to deliver to the public."


And yes, I'm fully aware that's just an entertainment news item, but still.

This. Terrifies. Me.

What's next? This shit always starts with celebrities, and we always laugh it off as fluffy, meaningless nonsense. Until your politicians start going "oh hey, that's a great idea."(Dude. They have the same social media/public image directors as people like Beyonce. So I'm not out here in Whackado Conspiracy Land, OK?) So what happens when Congress is all "EWWW you made Ted Cruz look all yucky and homophobic and crazy; no more candid access for you guiiiiise!!"


Mock that statement all you want. But I bet Jann Werner is utterly dumbstruck by the notion that concert photography just got punched in the gut.

I'm cool with B releasing all the flattering, pretty pictures of her nice concert that she wants. I'm uneasy with a news wire service taking them and going "YEAH HERE ARE OUR NEWS PHOTOS KTHANX."


Anyway, I hope you all read this and remember it before Beyonce's publicity team has this post scrubbed from the Interwebs for all time.

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