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I'm living with my mom and step dad at the moment, as you may remember. For the past few weeks something has been bothering me about the way my step dad acts, and just now I've realized what it is: he does not say thank you. At least not to me.


Here's what just happened that is especially bothering me: he wants to find a part-time job on top of the full-time job he currently has for various reasons. He brought home copies if his résumé, and it was AWFUL. Terrible. And as a professional writer, I felt the duty to spiff it up as much as possible. So I did. BUT he asked me to finish it last night so that he could print it out at work today (it was on the back-burner while I look for jobs.) I said yes, and then promptly forgot to do it because stuff happened and then i got tired. I finished it up in a hurry around noon, and send it to his email as he said he checks it while at work (though he doesn't have a desk job.) When he got home I asked if he got it and was able to print it, and he answered that he isn't allowed to check his email at work. Uh, WUT? This is after I specifically asked if he was. I was dumbfounded, and offered to go to the nearby public library to print it for him. His response? "Let it go, [ladygrinningsoul]." Oh, my mistake, going out of my way to do two extremely nice things for you. Next time I won't bother because you can't even manage to be polite.

Thank you for listening to my rant. Why can't some people just be fucking nice?

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