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So I was mainpaged, and with that comes the responsibility of an article being taken out of the GroupThink context and into the Jez one. Which is... fine.

But what I've found most interesting about the angriest responses that I've received is the fact that these people seem to be unable to accept that I can both be a fan of David Sedaris and still find a lot of his stuff problematic.


And I do. I think he's a little racist, I think he's callous, cold, smug, sneering and has an unhealthy attraction to taxidermy, which strikes me as creepy. But I still like him. Why? I'm not really sure. Obviously he's funny and witty and sharp and his sneering, cold, creepiness is amusing. But I think maybe it's because he is a bit of an oddity, presenting himself as an average Joe, that's really interesting.

So why is it that I can't have both — admiration for his work and slight revulsion? Shouldn't good artists make you think/feel, even if those thoughts and feelings aren't pleasant?

It reminds me of the Cult of Bieber — with these constant questions of "Who's a REAL fan"? And whether or not pre-teens should be able to demand that an adult man stop smoking pot.

Fandom is an interesting thing, but even more so when it's theoretically occupied by adults appreciating the work of another adult.


I don't know — I meant to keep this short and obviously I've blown past that. But that's been this evening's take-away for me: being a fan does not, and should not, mean blind devotion. And when someone is submitting personal work to the world, the world gets to comment.

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