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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Why can't I eat like a grown-up when Foxylocksley is out of town?

Once upon a time when I was single, I cooked for myself all the time. I wouldn't call anything I make gourmet, but it's legit food and well-rounded meals and I generally enjoyed cooking. Thus, I was thrilled when I started dating Foxylocksley because he likes to cook too and we would make all kinds of delicious food together (seriously, I've definitely gained at least 10 pounds over the last two years). However, for some reason whenever he is out of town, I suddenly lack any desire to cook. Instead, I end up eating bizarre non-meals (I had random hard boiled eggs for breakfast) or take-out, or easy frozen stuff from Trader Joe's. Maybe it's the fact that I would be putting in the effort to cook for one when I'm used to cooking for two, or maybe it's a weird rebellion against all the cooking we do. But, you guys, I just don't want to cook!!* So, what are you all eating tonight?


*This is currently further exacerbated by the fact that it's soooooo hot and muggy.

ETA: I did finally decide I needed to make something and so I'm making baked curry eggplant. It was either that or some straight up block-cheese action. I'm still not convinced I made the right choice.

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