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Why can't I just say "Thanks, but I'm not interested"

When a guy I know I'm not interested in asks me out? It's one of the only situations in my life where I still feel the need to be nice and say yes. Then an hour later when I remember that I gave them my phone number/agreed to a date all I can think is "why, tractor_gal, whyyyyyyy!?! Why earth did you do that again!?" Blerg.


Part of it is because I'm usually the one doing the asking and so I know how nerve racking it is. But it's also the whole being socially conditioned to be nice and pleasant all the time.

Blorf, now this guy is texting me and I'm using the lame "I'm SUPER busy this week" excuse instead of being a woman about it and being honest. Faaaaaack

Stupid social conditioning...DAMN YOU PATRIARCHY AND GENDER NORMS... you make my dating life annoying.

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