Today was a weird day. I was supposed to have a normal day at work, but my boss was on a trip this weekend and her flight got delayed yesterday, so the office was closed today. But I went in just to take some phone calls and confirm patients and check messages. So I just sat around for 4 hours doing pretty much nothing. Except, I did buy a top from ASOS online. I left around 1 pm and went to Urban Outfitters because the mall is on the way of my drive back home.

Anyway, I got three more clothing items (feeling both -.- and ^_^ about it). I'm super happy with what I got, but now I'm in a stage of guilt when I'm all, "Why dafuq did I just buy more clothes and waste more money?" SIGH. (Although in my defense, everything I bought today cost $45 total.) But what I got is super cute. So I'm going to show you guys!

I got some pleather hawwwt-shorts (which are high-waisted) for $10. They're originally $60, so DEAL. I got that blue blouse for $20 (also originally $60), and that one was an impulse buy. It just looks so nice and really pairs well with the shorts.

And I got this dress. It was on sale for $40 in the store (and originally, it was $70—major side note: WHY WOULD ANYONE SPEND $70 ON THIS? I don't think I would've ever bought this if it was $70 or even $40). BUT—I had noticed, while browsing the UO website during my BS work hours today, that it was on sale for $10 online. So I got it for $10. Let's all admire the prettiness of the back: OOOOOH! AHHHH! And also that I scored it for only $10.


And then I got this thing from ASOS. I'm calling it a thing because it's rather boring and kind of just a piece of cloth, but I wanted that piece of cloth, you know? Sometimes the heart just wants what the heart wants. I'd wear this a lot in the summer. I think. It was less than $5 and ASOS has free shipping, so why the fuck not?


ANYWAY—I'll end this by saying that let's kick winter's ass out of here so that I can get to wear these fun things soon!