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Why did I volunteer to work today?

I'm starting to seriously regret this decision.

And I'm covering for a coworker who took off. At first I thought I was covering for my dude coworker, which I didn't mind as he has a baby and stuff, and he's just a cool dude on top of it. Then I found out that I'm actually covering for my chick coworker who's an asshole. Not to mention she took off yesterday too. And she's Jewish. So I really don't want to cover for her cuz she sucks and never covers for me (she sucks for other reasons, too). Bleh.

It's too late now anyway. And at least I have my new 3DS to keep me occupied! And I'm taking off Saturday to see my sister so at least this will make up for the missing shift.


After work, I'm totally buying wine and taking a bath.

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