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Why did you have kids?

I'm watching this documentary on HBO (Go) called 112 Weddings.

It's a great documentary, i recommend everyone watches it. The sad part about it is that all of the couples that have problems/are divorced also have kids. They also say that their relationship problems started after they had kids. I've heard of this before so it wasn't a huge shock.


But it had me wondering, why do people put themselves through that? I know people say "because it's worth it" but is it really actually worth ruining your relationship with your partner?

Obviously i know that some couples have kids and still keep their relationship together, though i don't think it's ever the same.


So i'm asking people who are married/ a serious couple, or were together when they had kids:
Did you think about how it would effect your relationship before you had kids?
Did it end up effecting your relationship in a negative way?

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