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Why didn’t Axios Press Trump On Birthright Citizenship Also A Question For Those In Mass.

First they should have asked “who are these people saying you can write an executive order to go around the 14th Amendment.”

Two they should have asked “how would this work? Would everyone have to prove who their parents are or would it start with those born after the EO being written”.


Three they should have asked “have you read the 14th Amendment of all Amendments its the most straight forward”.

Fourth they should have asked “so then by executive order you could ban AR15 why haven’t you’


Finally they should have asked “be honest you are a White Supremecist aren’t you”.

It seems the Boston networks and other Boston stations during every single commercial break airs a “Question One” commercial. I totally do not understand it. Nurses should not have a limited number of patients? That’s what the nos want. We limit number of students a teacher has this seems to be on the same idea. I also do not know why of all questions this is the one inundating the airways, even for Senate and Governor race there are less.

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