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Why didn't anyone tell me?

I learned an amazing new thing today!

Over the weekend, I went on a bit of a shopping spree for myself. I decided to update my wardrobe just a bit, and I wanted to find some skinny jeans that I could wear tucked into tall boots ... oh, and some tall boots. I have never worn skinny jeans because I am not a skinny person. Even at my lightest, this baby's got back. And right now, I am not at my lightest. If I am wearing comfortable pants, they are most likely a size 14. But, I took the plunge, and I found a pair of skinny jeans that didn't look like sausage casings and even better, found some boots that I loved. And I wore them to work today.

And I had three separate people comment that I looked like I had lost weight recently. What the hell? Skinny jeans make you look skinny?


Why didn't anyone ever tell me this before? I would have tried them before this!

Oh, and apparently they make my hair look shorter, too. Go figure. (Someone asked if I got a haircut ... which I did. About three weeks ago.)

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