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“Why Do American White People …?” And We Have 2 Of These Already Today


… screech about “lynching” when they’re getting (properly, legally) investigated?


And it’s always, ALWAYS the most racist, rachet ones.

Donald (you know the one I mean).

Jim Jordan.

Clarence Thomas.

Remember how pouty and aghast Lindsey Graham was when the current head of the NAACP was testifying before the Senate and gave the Senate GOP a “D” on civil rights legislation …?



…not seem to understand that when Americans don’t protest being deprived of their rights by the hundreds of millions, comparing it to such massive protests as what is happening in Lebanon right now, there are two sets of reasons:

a) the POC (mostly) are working two and three jobs, or four times as hard at their one job for slightly more than half the money, and they’d be deprived of that comparatively meagre source of income … especially when they weren’t backed up by their peers. #WageGap


(Think Dorothy Boyd in Jerry Maguire. Nobody went with her when she stood up and left - not one single person - and only a white woman can afford to be out on a limb like that. With a kid, no less.)

Also? POC are more likely to get arrested and jailed for protesting.

We are not all Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston. Law and Order will not protect us.


And if jailed, it’s far more likely not only that they will never get out, but that nobody will even hear that it happened (unless the case is extreme, like that white Florida judge who gave that black 21-year-old with no criminal record 10 days of jail time for oversleeping but still appearing for jury duty … when if someone could get hold of his records I’d bet something there was no decree of him ever having pronounced such a sentence on a young white man who skipped jury duty).

b) the white people (mostly) don’t know what’s happening, are too undereducated to care, or sincerely believe none of what’s currently happening will affect them even though it NEVER turns out like that historically (literally never).


This one always also stuns me because the other thing I know is that the people who are asking that question are also not out there. They are Tweeting this question, and they are on TV. They are not “out there” in person leading by example, as it were. And these are (usually) otherwise well-meaning people, which is the especial reason I don’t understand this.







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