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Why do Asian American female anchors seem segregated to financial networks?

CNN has just about 10 years ago Joie Chen, Betty Nygun (sp) and others. Now I cannot think of one anchor on CNN who is Asian American. Bloomberg has a lot. Betty Lui so belongs on CNN with more viewers and I assume better pay. I would move her to the noon to 2pm time slot. Ashliegh Banfield would go to HLN from 12 to 2 she would be a better fit there. Also two hours of Wolf Blitzer is enough, he needs to go from the 1pm slot.

Emily Chang was on CNN as a reporter she is a fantastic interviewer on Bloomberg and anchor.

CNBC has at least two.

I used to often watch on Sunday at 7pm Bloomberg with Angie Lau. She covered the start of the Asian markets.


This seems almost like segregation in news industry. It seems odd CNN had some Asian American females anchors now zero.

Or is this pure coincidence? Has anyone else noticed?

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