I need help. Just picked up my bridesmaid dress, and even in my best bra, the girls look sad. I don't own a strapless bra, which this dress needs, nor do I know where to find one that doesn't cost a gazillion dollars. Why are bras for big women so bloody expensive? I thought big boobs were in! The best thing to have! So why don't I have companies fighting over my money? Why am I forced to buy something online, where I can't try it on, and spend $60+ dollars? And that's before shipping! Walking into VS or Soma is a joke, they don't have anything. Lane Bryant is so unsteady in their offerings, I can never find something that isn't white/beige/looks hospital issued.

Any suggestions? My apologies to our lovely man-friends, I know this article isn't your cup of tea, but I'm at a loss. And as the resident large chested friend of my group, no one I know IRL is very helpful.