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Welcome To The Bitchery

Women and men. Females and males.

I have a real problem with referring to women and men as female or male. To me, using female or male as a noun is dehumanizing and grammatically incorrect. I know that many dictionaries disagree with me on the grammar, but if you use the word female without any context, no one knows to whom or what you are referring. Anyway, pedantry aside, I think it is lazy and gross to refer to women or men as females or males. I think it’s a dog whistle.

So of course, I point that out to this one “woke bae (tm)“ I’m friends with on FB. He means well, but he’s always posting articles about how tough it is for women on many, many different subjects. It just feels so damn performative. He shared an article about the prevalence of sexual assault via date rape drugs in drinks and referred to both women and men as females and males. So, I said something about using female and male as nouns, and he and some rando I don’t know proceeded to mansplain for days as to how I was shutting down dialogue. The irony was thick.


Ugh, why do I even bother?

So what bullshit interactions have you had on social media lately?

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