Stupid or awful? Both? I added:

"OK, deal. When abortion is available safely and legally, without pointless restrictions on clinics that are designed for the sole purpose of putting them out of business; when women have easy, local access to abortion; when any "counseling" is decided on by doctors, not politicians, and is based in real science and medicine; when required, unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds are stricken from the law; when girls aren't required to obtain parental permission for abortions; when there are no laws restricting insurance companies from covering a safe, legal procedure; then maybe I'll consider looking at waiting periods or counseling.

Actually, no I won't, because that's between a woman and her doctor, not a woman and a bunch of dudes who think they know what's best for her."


I figured that was better than doing this:

ETA: Original post cut off part of one comment. FIXED.

ETA 2: Because people have asked: yes, it's a guy.