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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Why do men do this? Why??

So, my boyf... okay, ex-boyfriend (hate typing that) broke up with me on Sunday. For stupid reasons. It was the stupidest break up of all time.

So, what do I do? I post about it to Facebook - entirely because I do not want to tell 300+ people the same break up story all over again.


This apparently was the worst idea of all time.


Well, not the worst thing in the whole wide world (as a ton of people have been super nice to me, taking me out and keeping my mind off the PIT OF DESPAIR that is my brain right now) - but I am now suddenly having to deal with a bunch of my guyfriends (tho, perhaps friends is too nice of a term) hitting on me.

what. the. fuck.

I still love the guy. It was 5 miserable days ago. I can barely think about the weekend, let alone get into another relationship - or - whatever they're considering. Jesus. Do they think I am that desperate? I am not.


I am dealing with the end of an important relationship in my life and I am not up for any shenanigans. I am also smart enough to know that such activities are going to lead to nothing but more drama in my life, as well as a lot of heartache and pain.

Sigh. Just needed to bitch, really. So mad. GRRR.

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