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Why do new clothes smell like store? (Updated)

I’m wearing new pajamas. They’ve been washed once and febreezed twice. They still have that weird, unpleasant, stale odor that sometimes accompanies new clothes. I had a pair of jeans that took *months* to get it out (although near the end I think only I could smell it). What the hell is this, and how can I make it go away faster?

UPDATE: I washed the offending pj’s with a few misc items (cuz I won’t do just two things in a load) with a scoop of Oxy and a half cup of white vinegar. Also I used warm instead of hot bc I almost never use hot. I’m always afraid of shrinking stuff. Anyway, the smell is 99% gone, maybe only still in the waistband or my imagination. THANKS GT!


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