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Why Do People Have To Be Shitty?

Since my grandson was born earlier this summer, I’ve mentioned him on Facebook exactly twice and posted zero photos. I did send out 2 - TWO! - pictures of him right after he was born, to a group of about 15 friends who I figured would share in our family’s excitement. One of those people replied with a message along the lines of “Congratulations. Please remove me from this group as I do not want to receive a lot of pictures.”

Well excuse the fuck outta me.

FIRST OF ALL. I have very deliberately NOT inflicted my grandmotherhood on people. I am aware that my boundless joy about this child isn’t shared by everyone else on earth. If someone asks to see pictures of him, I’ll show them one or two on my phone but I never make them stand there while we scroll through every damn one. And I never talk about him or show pictures to someone who hasn’t asked.


SECOND OF ALL. I sent you two goddamn photos. It’s not like I blew up your phone. I’m not a completely self-centered idiot. What is your problem?

And THIRD OF ALL, you can’t be indulgent of my happiness? Because, you know, that’s what friends do? We care about what makes our friends happy?

On a positive note, it’s always good to be able to trim down one’s friends list. Makes life a little simpler.

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