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Why Do People In Waiting Rooms Ignore These "No Cellular Phones" Signs

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We both had appointments with our primary care doctor. We arrived and checked in. We then sat in the waiting room. Well before we got there we hung up our coats.


There were six in the waiting room. There was this sign easy for all to see. There were six of us. Do you know how many were on cell phones? Out of six people. Four. I do not have one and my mother left hers home.

Two people were sitting facing the sign. Ugh. I am positive the doctor and his staff do not have that sign up for the fun of it.


So my mother had the first appointment. Do you know what the new person who came into the waiting room do? You will never guess in a million years. Yup pulled out his cellphone to talk to someone.

I think its so rude.

Ugh. My appointment was fine he was 10 minutes late. The nurse took my blood pressure and it was at all time high of 140 over 78. The doctor retook it at end of appointment it was the normal 112 over 70. Not sure why it spiked then dropped. He said do not worry about it.


I did gain four pounds from.the summer but I explained I had shorts and a single shirt on then. Now I had a sweater, shirt, tshirt, long pants. He sort of rolled his eyes.

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